The first methodology that

helps you answer the key

questions of Artificial Intelligence:

What, How and Why









The importance of What and Why in AI.

Everything we do in the professional field must answer these 3 questions:

  • What?
  • How?
  • Why?

As Simon Sinek says, we often know how to answer what and how, but we don’t know how to answer why.
In Artificial Intelligence, most companies, right now, have a hard time answering all 3 questions. Although they may intuit that the How the AI industry will answer, the What and the Why it is necessary that they answer it themselves to ensure that the technology continues to serve the business.

While the What is the first step to tackle an AI project, the Why is especially relevant because AI is very sensitive to the opinion of customers, suppliers, workers and society in general.

3 steps to answer the What, How and Why



Creative process to detect
AI for your business.



Methodological process to analyze the AI detected and find out Why.



The experts’ answer to the question: How?

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